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Some Causes of Hypopigmentation and Treatment

Brighter or whiter skin color that is not normal in certain body parts or throughout the body, possibly indicating hypopigmentation Hypopigmentation is a condition in which the skin appears brighter or whiter due to a lack of melanin pigment, which is a natural skin-giving substance. Most cases of hypopigmentation are not classified as serious and can be given treatment. Only on dark skin, hypopigmentation can trigger embarrassment, especially if it occurs on the exposed skin. Recognize the Causes of Hypopigmentation A common cause of hypopigmentation is damage to skin tissue, such as skin infections, blisters, burns, or other trauma to your skin. While some other hypopigmentation is caused by genetic disorders in the body. You may experience loss of pigment in the affected skin area. The loss of the pigment that causes white spots can be permanent or temporary, some cannot be treated as a whole and some need more time for the re-pigmentation process. There are also several othe

Use Bee Sting Medication Appropriate Symptoms that arise

Bee stings are given according to the symptoms and severity. Understanding the handling steps at home can help ease the bee sting's reaction. Bee stings can cause allergic reactions that are quite severe and even emergency, so it requires immediate medical treatment. For this, bee sting remedies need to be given on time. Reactions and Symptoms of Bee Stings When a bee stings a person, the bee will inject poison through the sting into the victim's skin. The reactions that arise from being stung by bees can vary. Symptoms are felt ranging from mild to the emergence of a more severe allergic reaction. Usually bee stings cause mild symptoms, such as pain at the site of the sting, swelling, and redness. This reaction will generally only last a few hours, then subside on its own. Conditions that are classified as more severe include redness and swelling that is getting bigger at the site of the sting. Although not classified as a severe allergic reaction, this symptom can be

In addition to listening, know the function of the inner ear for body balance

There are three parts inside the ear namely the outer, middle and inner parts. The function of the inner ear is no less important than the outer and middle ear. Like other parts of the ear, the inner ear plays a role in hearing function. However, one special feature of the inner ear is that it can help maintain body balance. Because of its role in maintaining body balance, impaired inner ear function often results in complaints of dizziness, lack of balance, and unstable vision disturbances, oscillopsia. Main functions of the inner ear The inner ear is inside the temporal bone, divided into quite complex parts known as the labyrinth. The inner ear consists of cochlear and vestibular organs with the semicircular canal, saculus and utriculus. The main function of the inner ear is to hear. In the ear in this function is assisted by the cochlea. To be heard in the ear, the incoming sound will pass through the three parts of the ear, namely the outer, middle, and inner ear. When a so

Uremia Can Be Fatal, Understand the Symptoms and Treatment

Uremia is a syndrome or collection of symptoms of serious complications from chronic kidney disease and kidney failure. This condition occurs when urea levels in the body are very high so that it can be toxic to the body. Uremia occurs because the kidneys cannot function properly. The kidneys can no longer filter metabolic waste or body waste that should be excreted in the urine, so that the waste remains in the blood. Uremia can be fatal and life threatening. Recognize the Symptoms Especially for those of you who experience kidney disease, both of which occur in a chronic (prolonged) or acute (rapid) process, you should be aware if you experience uremia symptoms such as: Nausea and vomiting Loss of appetite or weight loss Having cramps in the legs Difficult to concentrate Headache Experiencing extreme fatigue (fatigue) Bleeding is not normal Hard to breathe Changes in mental conditions, such as confusion, anxiety, decreased consciousness. If these symptoms occur, you

Hernia Treatment Without Surgery

A hernia is a protrusion of internal organs that occurs due to weakness of the tissue or muscle wall that covers it. Hernia treatment depends on the symptoms that arise and the size of the hernia. Treatment of hernias without surgery can be sought by changing diet, doing certain sports movements and taking drugs. However, if the symptoms of hernias are severe, doctors will usually not recommend hernia treatment without surgery. Because, hernias can develop into more severe and cause symptoms that cause pain, even complications can occur. Causes and Types of Hernias The main cause of hernias comes from the stretching of muscle tissue and weakened walls. The process of hernias, generally requires time, although in some conditions can occur in a fast time. There are several conditions that can cause hernias, such as heavy lifting, a history of surgery around areas of the body that are prone to hernias, persistent coughing, and pregnancy. There are several types of hernias, includi